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Where Do Students Search?

From a study of 44 million contentmatches from more than 9 million studentsconducted by Turnitin.
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From a study of 44 million content matches from more than 9 million students conducted by Turnitin.

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Where Do People Live?

Where Do People Live? Where do people live? Why do they live there? Why do they move? Information from the World Almanac for Kids lists fun facts and figures. For example, what is the population of the United States? What are the smallest countries? These are facts students love to consider and can

Where in the World is...?

Tip: Those who use Google Earth discover that the world is smaller than they think. The program combines satellite images, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world at your fingertips. The free version lets you. Type in an address and zoom right in. Fly from space to your neighborhood. Search

Follow the Money, Part II: What to Do With It promo image

Quick Start Guide to Where the Money is and How to Get it

Funding for education is always a concern and in challenging economic times like these, districts worry even more than usual about where they will find the moneyto pay for ongoing programs and new initiatives. This Quick Start Guide and companion

Futile Searching

Consider these facts the next time you search the Internet for that ideal lesson plan:

Do You Know Where Your Keys Are?

We had a break-in recently and lost several pieces of expensive equipment. Imagine my surprise when I was told a key had been used to enter the classroom! What can we do to better secure our site? With classrooms housing more and more equipment, security is an increasingly important issue; however, you'd be

Where did federal stimulus dollars go? promo image

Where did federal stimulus dollars go?

 States are using federal stimulus money intended to promote innovation and equity reforms in schools to instead plug holes in education budgets ravaged by the economic recession.