Which device do you think is best for one-to-one?

Which device do you think is best for 1:1?
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Which device do you think is best for 1:1?



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How much do you actually use in school?

T&L Asks Readers Chances are you have more software and computing power at your fingertips than do all the astronauts put together. How much do you actually use in school?

Do You Speak American?

Do You Speak American? The home on the web for a television program about the nature of American English, which originally aired on PBS in January 2005. "Do You Speak American?" examines the differences in the ways American speak across age groups, ethnic groups, and regions. This is an interesting way

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Mobile Device Survey

In a recent “Mobile Device Management: Sanity and Success with an iPad 1:1” Tech & Learning/ Lightspeed webinar, participants were asked “Are you planning a mobile device roll-out?” Here are their replies:

Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Tip: Are you a trainer, a mentor, or a coach? Here's how to tell: A trainer: May be an expert on a particular subject or strategy. Presents workshop, lecture, demonstration and/or hands-on practice sessions. Rarely works one-on-one but could work in small focused groups. Can be an "edutainer" - someone who

What You Can Do

What You Can Do Environment Canada wants everybody to know how they can be an important part of Canada’s environmental health. This website has special sections directed at students and ideas for them to contribute to a green future for their school, community, country and globe.