Which Schools are Safest ?

The Safe Search Awards Index, an annual ranking, administered by netTrekker, of the 100 school districts that keep their students safest when the kids are searching online, has been released.

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Video Tutorial: Getting to Know Your eReader Device

This online training series takes a look at the iPad® as an e-reading device, concentrating primarily on Apple's own iBooks® app and iBookstoreSM, but also looking at Amazon's® Kindle® app for iPad, and Barnes & Noble's® NOOK® app.

Solution for school wireless devices adopted

Ruckus Wireless™ today announced that a number of large school districts across the country have selected the Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi system to address the influx of wireless devices – such as tablets, netbooks, and smartphones – hitting their networks.  

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In collaboration with 40 school districts around the country, Common Sense Education announced the launch of the Common Sense Privacy Evaluation Initiative to help schools evaluate the privacy and information security practices of educational technology used in K-12 classrooms.

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Mobile Device Survey

In a recent “Mobile Device Management: Sanity and Success with an iPad 1:1” Tech & Learning/ Lightspeed webinar, participants were asked “Are you planning a mobile device roll-out?” Here are their replies: