Why Data?

Data is all around us. Teachers and administrators are overwhelmed with data. Why do we need data? Will data help us become better teachers and improve student learning? If we use a variety of sources, data:

  • confirms what problems students or teachers are having.
  • changes how and what we teach.
  • validates what we already know.
  • encourages inquiry.
  • questions what we assume is working or not working.
  • prevents us from relying on test scores only.
  • provides reliable information for accountability issues.
  • guides continuous improvement
  • builds a community of lifelong learners.

Data, if used effectively, encourages each school to be different from every other school. Each school is unique with its own set of concerns and opportunities. Using data is an important professional development opportunity, for it needs to be built into the school day throughout the year.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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