Why Plan When No Technology Is Available?

My district is requiring every site to include a technology component in next year's school plan. We currently have almost no technology on site and frankly, with the budget cuts we're facing, I don't see this situation changing any time soon. What's the point in forcing us to include something we don't have?

While you can choose to view this as a waste of time, you can also present this to staff, students, and parents as an opportunity to make some significant changes. I'm assuming that the technology requirement stems from the district's recognition that schools must make every effort to bring instructional practice up-to-date. This means taking honest stock of your current school plan to see what's working and what's become obsolete. Then you can identify areas where you can begin to build in instructional technology use.

You probably won't be in a position to provide a technology-enriched environment over night, but you can work with your planning committee to develop a multi-year plan that will gradually take you where you need to be. You may encounter set-backs along the way, but nothing will change if you simply maintain the status quo.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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