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Question: Can you use a wireless router for a HUB?

The IT Guy says:
Yes, if the router is designed for that function. A hub is a device that lets more than one computer and/or peripheral connect on the same network. Virtually all wireless routers let multiple computers connect to the Internet, acting as a wireless hub for that purpose. With the proper setup, you can also access shared files or file servers and networked devices such as printers.

Some hubs are set up specifically to make this process easier. For example, the wireless router I use at work has an Ethernet port labeled "Printer" on it, which allows me to connect a networkable printer directly to the router. That printer is then available to any of my computers connected to the wireless network, just as if I had physically connected it to the computers through a wired hub.

If you already have a router, check the website of the manufacturer for more information, If you're looking at purchasing one, talk with the sales staff (who hopefully can actually help!) and tell them which hub functions you are hoping to use, and they can recommend a model for you.

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