WLAN, cloud-based networking companies partner

Aerohive Networks, creators of cooperative control wireless LAN (WLAN) architecture, has acquired privately-held Pareto Networks, provider of cloud-based networking. Aerohive will immediately integrate Pareto’s routing, VPN and cloud services technology into Aerohive’s operating system (HiveOS) and Cloud Services Platform (HiveManager Online), with new features and platforms beginning to be delivered in Q2 2011.

"Cloud-based networking is going to become a significant trend in the years to come because of its ability to reduce the complexity and operational cost of networking, for mid-market and distributed enterprises,” said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president and distinguished research fellow, Yankee Group.

Pareto Networks, located in Sunnyvale, Calif., delivered the industry’s first cloud-based router/VPN solution, released in June 2010. Technologies include routing, SSL VPN, 3G/4G WWAN, CloudProxy (N-way proxy functionality), and cloud provisioning. Pareto Networks' patents pending include cloud-based networking (Network-as-a-Service) and CloudProxy.

Aerohive has been selling cloud-based Wi-Fi and VPN since October 2009 - with its HiveManager Online cloud-based solution. Its approach provides that failures in the WAN link, or the cloud, do not affect the ongoing operation of the network. This is because no data goes to the cloud and no control or policy enforcement functions (RF optimization, channel selection, load balancing, authentication, roaming, and QoS) are carried out in the cloud.

“The addition of Pareto's technology and employees offers a unique opportunity to accelerate our entry into the broader cloud-based networking space and establish an immediate leadership position,” said David Flynn, CEO, Aerohive Networks.

Aerohive plans to deliver the following software integration and new platforms commencing in Q2 2011:

Routing/VPN Platforms

  • BR 200 – Branch Gateway
  • BR 100 – Telecommuter Platform
  • Cloud VPN Gateway (VMware)

HiveOS features

  • Routing, 3G/4G Backup, CloudProxy, SSL VPN

Cloud Features

  • Router and VPN management, Simple End User Provisioning, Google Maps/Geo Location

“This is a good move for Aerohive as it leverages their existing cloud-based Wi-Fi footprint and capitalizes on Pareto’s early market entry and cloud networking technology,” concluded Kerravala.