Word Tips

There are lots of shortcuts built into Microsoft Word that you can use while you are writing, designing, and editing. You can also use these tips during your own workshops for fun!

  1. Change font size quickly by selecting the word or phrase and clicking Control + Shift + > increase the size and Control + Shift + < to decrease the size.
  2. Have you ever just wanted to select a column of text and it grabs all the text from the other columns? Press ALT (PC) or Option (Mac) while you drag your cursor over the text to grab just what the text you want.
  3. You can animate the text on your page. Select the text, go to the Format menu to Font and click the tab Text Effects. Try different effects for fun.
  4. Need a quick way to make borders? Go to the Format menu to Borders and Shading… Click on the tab for Page Borders and select the pull-down menu for Art and choose a style.

Word has lots more tools and hidden tips that I’ll share on later PDQs. Go to My-ecoach to download the latest handout of my Tips and Tricks session for free.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

Image from:My eCoach eLibrary