Working with Tables in Word


I have found that it is easier for the teachers and administrators with whom I work to put some of the data either in a spreadsheet or table so it is easier to understand. Use the following steps to easily and quickly add, manipulate, and modify the way the tables are formatted.

  • Click on the Tables and Borders icon on the Standard toolbar.
  • Click and drag a rectangle of the proper size and then use the “pencil” to create 2 columns and 2 rows.
  • Go to the Table menu and choose Draw Table. This opens another toolbar just for working with tables.
  • Split the second column so there are 3 columns by using the pencil and drawing a border that divides the right column.
  • Add color by selecting the top row and clicking a color in the Shading Color (Paint can).

There are other features within the Draw Table toolbar such as changing the text direction, changing and erasing borders, and sorting cells.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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