ISTE NEWS: XYZprinting Accepting Applications From School for STEAM 3D Education Program

 XYZprinting will invest over $1,000,000 into the XYZprinting STEAM 3D Education Program, which will will put over 300 3D printers into the classroom within the continental US. 

The Stockbridge InvenTeam, from Stockbridge High School, Michigan, which has over 10 XYZprinting 3D printers, is just one example of a school that's using 3D printing to create problem-solvers of the future. “The team aims to inspire, engage, and educate the endless possibilities with 3D printing while leaving a positive impact in the world.” said Bob Richards, Technology Teacher who leads the Stockbridge InvenTeam. One of the team’s latest projects is The Ezra Project. Inspired by a previous 3D printed prosthetic hands project, Chelsey Asquith, a freshman, decided to make a 3D printed fishing pole adaptor for Ezra, a 7-year-old boy who has little use of his hands due to a stroke he suffered from a young age. The prototyping process took the team numerous trials and errors, but with the right mindset for success, the team eventually created a 3D printed fishing pole adaptor that fits on Ezra’s hands. 

Ezra and his dad, Kevin fishing with the adaptive fishing pole

(Image credit: Jill Mack)

Schools that are selected into the STEAM 3D Education Program will be receiving one XYZprinting 3D printer, the da Vinci Jr 1.0 (valued at $199.95) and a FREE one-year Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) NGSS-based curriculum for teachers to utilize in the classroom. The program is divided into 3 categories and schools will be selected based on grade levels:

  • 80 schools within Grades K-5
  • 100 schools within Grades 6-8
  • 120 schools within Grades 9-12

Applications for selections in the program will be accepted until September 5, 2019. 

Schools interested in the program may complete the application from here. For more information, visit the XYZprinting STEAM 3D Education Program website.

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