You're All In this Together!

We recently formed a technology leadership team at my school consisting of myself (the principal), the technology coordinator, and two teachers. The purpose of the team is to promote more effective classroom use of technology. We agreed to attend a summer institute as a group, but now I’m feeling pressed for time, and I want to send the assistant principal in my place. The technology coordinator has asked me to reconsider. What do you think?

Listen to your technology coordinator! Taking a team approach to this kind of reform is an excellent idea. However, you must understand the importance of your role with this team and your staff. In his book What Works In Schools: Translating Research into Action, Robert Marzano points out that although responsibility for leadership for change cannot rest solely with the principal, by the same token, it’s critical that s/he act as the ‘visible head’ of the reform team.

Take a critical look at the other duties you have this summer. What can be handled by your assistant principal and what can wait until after the institute? Without visible, active support on your part, it’s unlikely that sustained changed will occur.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young