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Your Age, On Mercury

Interactive activity allows earthlings to calculate their ages on other planets, counted in the other planets' days and years. You type in your birthday, and the site calculates your age in days and years for the other planets of the

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Activity allows Earthlings to calculate their weights on other planets. You type in your weight, in whatever unit you wish, and your weight in that unit is calculated for all the planets and a number of other celestial bodies, such

Google Earth: Small World, Your World, Our World

Google Earth: Small World, Your World, Our World From Apple's learning Interchange comes "Google Earth: Small World, Your World, Our World," an incredibly full-bodied set of resources for using the amazing capabilities of Google Earth with your students. The site offers fascinating looks at how

The Age of the School CIO

Five years ago, the Harvard Business Review asked, "Are CIOs Obsolete?" Experts from both the business world and academia responded to that curious question, with almost all predicting a sweeping expansion, not the gradual obsolescence, of the role. Today, K-12 school districts are coming to this same conclusion.

World of Reading

Name: World of Reading Brief Description of the Site: This site from the Ann Arbor Michigan public library system offers book reviews on favorite books written by and for kids. Children can read other children's reviews by searching for specific titles or browsing, and they can write their own reviews of books.