Zipping files

Question: How can I create a "zipped" file containing many files that I can send as a single attachment?

The IT Guy says:
A "zipped" file is a single compressed file that can contain many other files. When sending several email attachments, rather than attach each file separately, it's often more convenient to put the files together in a "zip" file and send just a single attachment. (Do not confuse "zip file" with a "zip disk." Zip DISKS are a proprietary format of Iomega Corporation, and now come in 100 megabyte and 250 megabyte varieties.) Zipped files are electronic files that you can create with a variety of programs, many of which are free. Some of the most popular ones with Windows users are Winzip and PKZip. Macintosh as well as Windows users can use Aladdin System's DropZip software. When someone receives a zip file, they must have "expander" software that unzips or decompresses the file. If you double click a zip file on your computer and get a message that it doesn't know what program to use with the file, you most likely need to install either one of the zip file programs mentioned above, or use a free expander program like Aladdin Expander. Zip is just one file compression format, there are many others, but it is one of the most popular.

A word of caution: Beware of zip files and other attachments sent via email, even from people you know, if they are not accompanied by a personal message you recognize as coming from the individual. Virus programs often send email attachments automatically, and may use the zip format.

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