3 Things You Didn't Know Microsoft Excel Could Do

by Amy Schoenrock

Are you utilizing Microsoft® Excel® to its fullest? Here are three things you might not have known Microsoft Excel could do:

1) Sparklines
With Sparklines in Excel 2010, you are able to provide a more in-depth view of the data other than just simply using the numbers. Use Sparklines to show trends such as increases and decreases or economic cycles.
Learn how to create Sparklines

2) Pivot Charts
Pivot Charts allow you to provide a picture for the data in your Pivot Table. Use Pivot Charts to help better explain data to your intended audience.
Learn how to add a Pivot Chart

3) Conditional Formatting
By using conditional formatting, you are able to apply cell formatting based on specific conditions or criteria. Use conditional formatting to help make your data clear and easy to read, helping your team make more informed decisions.
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PD Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning