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Interesting ways to incorporate netbooks

Netbooks are perfect for the classroom because they are relatively low in cost, power, and weight. If your classroom has access to netbooks, you should definitely be taking advantage of them!

Use netbooks in your classroom to add differentiation. The most efficient way to use netbooks is to first ensure your students have access to email, so you can email the assignment to them at the appropriate time. This way, your students can refer to their email as often as needed, while practicing their technology skills.

There are many interesting ways to incorporate netbooks into your lessons and projects:

* Have your students create animations, slideshows, or videos to add to a science fair project.
* For group projects, have your students use Google Docs to practice their collaboration skills.

* Use the netbooks to collect scientific data. USB-powered digital microscopes are great for the classroom because many students can participate at the same time. It's easy to project the images onto a screen, and these microscopes cost as little as $30. Additionally, many record the video in real time. Another scientific tool great for the classroom is a fingertip oximeter with USB connectivity.

* Don’t forget about the great educational games available online for free. There’s sure to be a site perfect for your needs on this list: 10 Best Educational Online Games for Students.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning