Preparing for Technology Integration: Patrick Plant

Preparing for Technology Integration: Patrick Plant

Continuing the series of interviews with technology directors and integration specialists, who give their "state of the union," and their views on education technology in the future.

Patrick Plant, Director of Technology at Anoka-Hennepin School District:

“Knowledge now is infinitely complex, such as that which goes along with wide-ranging instructional and administrative applications. We need tools and resources like online professional development. Currently, we’re updating our four-year technology plan. Now, the challenge for our resource and for us is, when you talk about the range of devices that we need to support, and operating systems—it’s not just Windows/Mac and laptops and desktops anymore. It’s all that—plus mobile devices. That’s going to be changing not just yearly or twice a year, but monthly. Exponentially.

“The biggest thing I think we lack is both a state and national plan for how we can really have successful utilization of technology nationwide in education. That trickles down to districts on an individual level having to create that kind of roadmap. That’s something we’ve got to improve upon.”

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning