This computer life-cycle management offering allows users to manage the PC and Mac devices in their deployment from a single interface. Track installed applications and licenses on all the devices in your deployment. Collect data from each machine so you can intelligently manage application licenses to prevent over-install penalties. Monitor and enforce your configuration policies, and use the data you collect to remotely monitor and control the devices in your deployment. Use the Security Content Automation Protocol reports to manage corporate and government regulations, including FDCC compliance. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: asset management
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Put to the Test: Absolute Software Geofencing promo image

Put to the Test: Absolute Software Geofencing

Geofencing is a feature available now with Computrace Complete by Absolute Software.  Geofencing allows users to create predefined boundaries to contain the physical location of the devices in a school’s deployment. Once these boundaries are defined, the school can create

Management Strategies

Tip: How do you help your teachers manage their class while either a teacher or student is at the front of the room using the interactive whiteboard? Create a list of rules, perhaps one that parallels your classroom rules, for times when you use the interactive whiteboard. Bring them out to review

Manage smartboards smarter

 SMART Technologies Inc. announces SMART Vantage technology-management software, an application that provides key data to administrators and technology directors so they can manage and understand how SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboards and projectors are being used.


The ANGEL LMS 7.4 mashup makes it easier to incorporate rich media content from sources such as YouTube and Picasa into courses. The new release also enables incorporating RSS feeds into courses. With ANGEL LMS 7.4, several schools can be managed from a central location through a new institutional directory.Price: Varies Category: management system


Co:Writer 6 enables students who struggle with writing and spelling to work at their own pace. The latest version teams with a companion application, like a word processor or Web browser, to help users build and write correct sentences.PROS: Flexibility and support for guided independent work are key features of this latest version. The word window is always active and displays on top of the companion program’s window, so it’s easy to see recommended words as you compose an email or blog or write a document in your word processor. Students having difficulty with written words can receive audio feedback, because the program optionally reads word choices and completed sentences. Co:Writer will also read aloud menus and dialogbox contents. In addition to three main dictionary options, there are dozens of topic dictionaries from which to choose. Several video tutorials introduce new users to the product.CONS: Unfortunately, most districts will find the application too expensive to install on every school computer. Instead, they will reserve access to students with special needs or IEP/504 plans, thus reinforcing the divide between students receiving mainstream education and children who have trouble accessing the general curriculum. This outcome, it should be noted, is not a fault of the program per se.OVERALL EVALUATION: Co:Writer 6’s strength lies in its ability to create a writing environment tailored to individual users’ needs. Struggling readers and writers both young and old and individuals with poor or illegible handwriting, developmental delays, physical disabilities, and learning challenges can use its word-prediction power to become better writers. While it falls into the category of assistive technology, it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of all students.www.donjohnston.comRetail price: Single licenses start at $325; network unlimited site licenses, $1900/volume discounts.—Carol Holzberg

Managing One or a Few Computers

Tip: You are charged to help your teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. However, in these classrooms many of your teachers have only one to four computers, and need help in scheduling, rotating, and managing students using the computers as part of the curriculum. Share the following steps with your


The ClassLink Perkins Data Portal simplifies the process of collecting and reporting the data required for federal Carl Perkins Title II grants. Any school that receives Carl Perkins Title II funding will find that ClassLink Perkins Data Portal provides easy report generation that meets the most recent federal and state mandates; a clear snapshot of consortiums, districts, and schools on postsecondary placement data; and data-driven analysis of student performance criteria using customized charts and graphs. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: data management