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Bretford has launched its first cart for mini laptops: the NETBOOK32 Microcomputer Laptop Cart. This cart stores, secures, charges, and transports up to 32 microcomputers and peripherals. The NETBOOK32 cart incorporates two shelves each of which has eight compartments that can hold 16 mini computers, for a total of 32 laptops. The cart has two main sources of power: an automatic timer-charger with two 16-outlet electrical units and an auxiliary fouroutlet power strip that is mounted inside the cart to accommodate accessory equipment, such as projectors and document cameras.
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NETBOOK32 Mini Computer

Bretford’s new NETBOOK32 Mini Computer Laptop Cart ( includes two shelves with eight compartments per shelf to hold up to 32 netbooks. Its 32-outlet UL electrical system has an automatic timer/charger unit to charge all netbooks using one circuit. It includes a large working surface and an extra four-outlet power source for an additional netbook and printer. This cart has ventilation holes on all sides for maximum airflow within yet is made from durable steel with bolting doors and a reprogrammable padlock to deter theft. The 2642NSKIT AV Cart Retrofit Kits give institutions a safe, affordable, and sustainable way to lengthen the life of their current AV carts.

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. ( has added six new 4:3 and 16:9 format Video View wall-mounted projection screens. The new 4:3 TVShape Video View models are calibrated to the standard TV size, so viewers see an image that looks correct, whether they’re in a classroom or a conference room. The new screens have a 1.0 gain for the best all-around viewing surface.

The Intelligent Laptop Computer cart

The Intelligent Laptop Computer cart ( decreases heat and electrical stress while proportionally distributing power to the laptops, so batteries last longer. A special Cable Clutter Closet in the back portion of each unit stores all power cords and wires. The “brain” in each Intelligent Laptop Computer cart redistributes power not only to ensure consistent charging but also to keep the laptops cool and prevent them from overheating. The brain also senses when the laptop batteries are almost charged, then automatically decreases power, extending battery life and saving energy. The Intelligent Laptop Computer carts require only a single circuit—one plug to the wall outlet for each cart—to minimize circuit tripping and reduce electricity consumption.