This system complements Peoples Education’s print and online educational products. The ePath Knowledge series consists of three distinct offerings: ePath Assess provides focused progress-monitoring assessments customized to state standards; ePath Discovery supplies targeted, standards-based intervention delivered online; and Practice Path provides studentguided skill building and test practice with motivational games to promote student success. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment
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Bodies of Knowledge

 The British Library presents a series of illustrated essays on the different ways that the human body has been represented in art and science across history. Considered are medieval astrology, the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, Vitruvius's notion of body


The Preparing for Standardized Tests program is designed to improve student performance on the reading and math sections of the PSAT, ACT, and SAT exams. The program is a collection of interactivewhiteboard lessons that engages students in mastering essential college readiness and provides them with advanced test preparation. Students can practice answering questions with standardized tests and the guided practice lessons and learning tools of Promethean’s ActivClassroom. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: test prep


Digital Directions International has significantly enhanced their HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs program by integrating a diagnostic-prescriptive tool. This comprehensive and adaptive tool allows the teacher to pretest students to better individualize instruction. The grade-level and adaptive pretests save teachers time by auto-generating custom learning pathways to provide a seamless link between diagnostic assessments and prescriptive interventions. The new assessments not only target grade-level deficiencies, but also identify and help remediate gaps in students’ foundational/prerequisite skills. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment


These services integrate digital content into daily teaching practice. Dell teamed up with Brain- Honey to provide educators with open-source, customized content. BrainHoney’s platform allows teachers to align content development to state standards using a simple drag-and-drop interface to develop curriculum maps. BrainHoney also generates daily reports on student progress against state standards. Professional Learning Services supports the integration of digital content and Connected Classroom technologies into daily teaching practice. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: content management


The Achiever! online assessment and instruction program, used to evaluate student performance on state standards, now offers test questions and tutorials in Spanish or English. Students can change the text on their screen or select audio narrations in either Spanish or English and then toggle between the two as needed. With the new Spanish support, Spanish-speaking students can be even more self-directed, because they can read test questions and answers in Spanish and go through the tutorials, including all the on-screen animations, illustrations, text, and audio narrations, in either language. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment


This early-literacy screening tool’s 25 questions help identify which step, on a four-step continuum, a child has reached on the path to becoming a successful reader. The visual and auditory questions allow young learners to demonstrate their skills in print and book knowledge, phonological awareness, and phonics. The enhanced Get Ready to Read!—Revised also includes tools such as skill-building activities and resources for helping students who need extra assistance in becoming literate.Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: reading, assessment


Apex Learning introduced six new standards-based courses into its Literacy Advantage pathway. The courses, available this summer for the 2010-2011 school year, are Geometry, Biology, English II, U.S. History, U.S. History to the Civil War, and U.S. History Since the Civil War. Literacy Advantage courses help educators take advantage of online learning to provide individualized instruction, which is more and more a point of emphasis, as struggles in literacy have been found to contribute to the decision to drop out of high school. Price: Contact company for pricing.Category: courseware

Knowledge Loom

Knowledge Loom Knowledge Loom is a collaborative effort among educators from around the US to discover what works in teaching and learning. Content allows you to review research based on various themes (Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas, Professional Development, etc.), find other