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LargeSoftware has announced a price special that will provide customers a discount on the popular PC Tune-Up 2.0 software when combined with the purchase of the company’s Password Manager. The PC Tune-Up 2.0 product optimizes users’ computers and improves computer speed by up to 55 percent.Price: $29.95; PC tune-up added on for $9.95Category: utility
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Hitachi Software Engineering

announces the introduction of the StarBoard WT-1 Interactive Wireless Tablet. The new tablet has an interactive pen with two customizable buttons. The WT-1 features a range of up to 30 feet by deploying RF technology, and has a battery life of up to 16 hours of continuous use. The tablet includes 16 shortcut-function keys, handwriting recognition, search-engine integration, and a built-in LCD indicator screen to alert users of available battery life. Presenters can connect as many as seven WT-1 systems to a PC.


Ginger Software, a program for spelling and grammar correction, now works with Internet Explorer. In addition, the new version of Ginger is more accessible, providing customizable interface settings and progress reporting to track mistakes and illustrate student progress. Students can change display attributes such as background color and font style to complement their abilities and preferences. Price: Subscriptions start at $145 for three workstations, with volume and multiple-year subscription discounts available.Category: language arts, assistive tech

Put to the Test : Discovery Software Principalm+

allows administrators to transfer student-information-system (SIS) data to a handheld device. Because data can be accessed from a handheld immediately, the information may be used for everyday discipline, student-conduct incidents and histories, emergency preparedness, and security. Each user is issued his or her own passkey, and data can be synchronized as often as needed.PROS: The Principalm+ transfers information without using a third-party server. The software transfers data to most handhelds, including smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones, and PDAs, and soon to Apple iPhones. Users can add customizable fields. The data-download sets can be customized, such as downloading just phone numbers and health information for a teacher going on a field trip.CONS: None.OVERALL EVALUATION: One of the biggest problems administrators have is that all the student data we collect are never where we need them when we need them. Principalm+ solves this problem. Administrators can use Principalm+ to check the discipline record of a student at the site of an incident rather than having to wait until they get back to the office. They can look up a locker combination on the spot, or even a parent’s phone number. This type of application is long overdue.www.discoverysoftware.comRetail price: Based on per-student, per-module model.


eBeam software for the eBeam interactive whiteboard now allows users to send a wide variety of interactive-whiteboardgenerated content directly to their Amazon Kindles and Kindle DXs. Students can use this feature to review class lessons, and parents can see what children have studied in class. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: presentation software


A school would install the NetSupport Notify network (LAN, WAN) messaging system program to communicate any message to the staff as a group or to small groups of staff members. This short message is then displayed on a designated staff member’s computer screen (either PC or Mac). With the acknowledgement feature, the sender can confirm who has received the message. Pros: The program can issue an audible alert. Messages can be classified as critical, alert, technical, message, or news. The messages can be set up so they only go to specific people or to the entire school, so teachers could send messages requesting urgent help back to the security officer or to the main office. The program can be password-protected to block unauthorized users. NetSupport Notify requires no special equipment and has a distribution module so all the computers in the school can be installed from one location. Cons: None.Overall Impression: This is a good tool to increase the security of our schools and to improve communication between the administration, technical staff, and the instructional staff. As long as this type of communication tool is used responsibly, it would make a great fit for schools.  Retail Price: $180 for a 75-user pack

Hitachi Software Engineering America

 has introduced the new StarBoard FX-77GII, which has an electronic pen. The wireless, two-button pen device, included with the StarBoard, functions as a mouse that operates and annotates on the board. With 12 customizable function buttons, the FX-77GII is highly adaptable to the specific needs of each user and that user’s environment. It also comes with 500 new

Create large classroom visuals

Inspiration® 9, from Inspiration® Software, Inc., and the VariQuest Poster Maker 3600, from Varitronics, are now optimized to work together, allowing students and teachers to create and print large-scale visuals.

Freeware To Prohibit New Software Installations

Question: I have Windows ME and need a freeware program or utility that would allow me to prohibit anything new being installed on my computer without permission/password etc. My daughter has inadvertently let in Gator and has installed games containing malicious code. Having a program that prompts for a password


The Netop ProtectOn Pro combines hard-disk protection with remote management and Internet, application, and device controls. Netop built this new solution on the foundation of the popular ProtectOn2, which allowed teachers to automatically roll back virus damage and unwanted changes that students might make to classroom computers. Netop ProtectOn Pro can protect data and system integrity by controlling user access to USB and Wi-Fi devices, hard disks, floppy drives, Web sites, and software applications. It can automatically restore computers and erase damage from viruses and unwanted downloads. Price: U.S. education pricing starts at $19/computer for schools with 25 or more computers. Volume discounts available. Category: remote management