Powered by My Portfolio, the K-12 safesearch tool netTrekker d.i. now allows educators to create, organize, and share content for standards-based instruction with fellow teachers within their school or district. Educators can scaffold, save, and share digital content, including resources found in netTrekker d.i. and from third parties. They can add content to their portfolios— templates, time-line and famousperson search results, and images— and then, as with a digital file cabinet, create folders to facilitate organizing. Price: $1,730 per school building Category: content development
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What's a Digital Portfolio?

Our district technology plan lists digital portfolios as a possible assessment tool. What exactly is a digital portfolio? As with traditional portfolios, digital portfolios provide a place for students to collect and display samples of their best work across all content areas. Such samples may include

Marketing Electronic Portfolios

Tip: E-Portfolios can be a good marketing tool for teachers and professional developers. You never know when you will need to market yourself for a new job or position in your organization. Create a website that contains the following: your resumé and curriculum vitae (updated regularly). outstanding


My Web Lockers offers 24/7 access to student and teacher data from any Internet location. The system provides each user with a secure, password-protected Web locker, or digital drop box. Students and teachers can start their work on one computer at school, then stash it in their Web lockers to finish at home. Price: $5 per user per year, no setup fees Category: file sharing and storage

REMOTE-LEARNER.NET AND KALTURA PARTNERSHIP and Kaltura announced their partnership to offer educational institutions advanced video capabilities integrated with the Moodle Learning Management System. Using the Kaltura module for Moodle, teachers can upload and manage rich-media content, including lectures, demonstrations, photos, and audio recordings. Students can then post video comments, ask questions and create a face-to-face discussion recorded directly from their webcam or other sources. The module also includes Kaltura’s Video-PowerPoint Widget, which presents a video and a slideshow in full synchronization. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: videoconferencing

E-Teaching: Electronic Portfolios for 21st Century Students

Name: E-Teaching: Electronic Portfolios for 21st Century Students Brief Description of the Site: Electronic Portfolios are defined on this site "as a meaningful collection of work, experiences, and thoughts that has been created in an electronic format, and can published online." To that end, E-Teaching

Keep a Portfolio

Tip: You may be asked at the next meeting to show a video or provide examples of best practices. Will you have the right ones ready? What about the data that best represents the information you are planning to build your position on? One way to be prepared is to build your own Portfolio demonstrating understanding

Knovation Announces netTrekker’s Interoperability with SAFARI Montage

Knovation, the leader in advanced personalized learning solutions, announces a partnership with SAFARI Montage that expands and simplifies educators’ access to curated digital content from a wide range of free content providers. netTrekker and SAFARI Montage users can now access more than 360,000 digital learning resources from Knovation by using a single integrated search. The educator-curated resources are aligned to state and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), tagged and organized so teachers and students can easily access relevant digital resources for use in blended learning classrooms.

Visual Portfolio

Name: Visual Portfolio Brief Description of the Site: Visit this black and white photography portfolio of fine art gallery with people, family, nature, animals, culture, agriculture, architecture, landscapes, cities (Tokyo, Rome, New York etc,) and environments shot on the road in various countries around the