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Progress Zone from Discovery Education is the first formative assessment service enabling educators to monitor student academic progress through teacher-created diagnostic tests linked to standards- aligned digital media. Progress Zone allows educators to quickly create, share and administer custom academic probes using a bank of more than 35,000 unique assessment items. All items are aligned to state standards with skill/sub-skill definitions. The Progress Zone item bank contains reading, math, science and U.S. history questions for grades 1 through 12.Price: $5 per student Category: assessment
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This system complements Peoples Education’s print and online educational products. The ePath Knowledge series consists of three distinct offerings: ePath Assess provides focused progress-monitoring assessments customized to state standards; ePath Discovery supplies targeted, standards-based intervention delivered online; and Practice Path provides studentguided skill building and test practice with motivational games to promote student success. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment

The Torch

The Torch ( delivers digital content and assessments configured entirely by grade level, subject, and state. The device, as small as a Wii controller, allows administrators to select customized curriculum for purchase and immediate use. Ignite!’s plug-and-play platform is fully functional on both Mac and PC, requires no installation, and is ideal for interactive-whiteboard-equipped schools, though it also works with a simple projector-computer setup in any classroom. Teachers build and save state-standards-based lessons while administrators, through usage-tracking features, can assess how investments in digital content are being leveraged for academic progress.


The Web-based Focus on Individual Needs and Development (FIND) automatically links assessment results to targeted activities in the Classworks K-12 instructional software. It provides educators with a multifaceted approach to gathering student data. It also offers a comprehensive item bank that gives educators the flexibility to design their own tests. Price: Contact company for pricing.Category: assessment

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Measured Progress Awarded Contract for Oklahoma Assessments

DOVER, N.H.—October 9, 2017—The Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) has awarded Measured Progress a potential six-year contract for its Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP). The new contract provides yearly assessments based on Oklahoma Academic Standards for grades 3 through 8 in English language arts and mathematics, and for science in grades 5 and 8. This contract continues the strong working relationship between the Oklahoma SDE and Measured Progress, which began in 2013 with the award for the English language arts and mathematics portions of the former Oklahoma College and Career Readiness Assessment program (replaced by OSTP). In 2014 and 2015, the state again chose Measured Progress to support two more programs in the OSTP. Measured Progress worked on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum tests in science, geography, and social studies as well as the high-school End-of-Instruction (EOI) tests.

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