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SMART Board in Illinois

District: GALESBURG COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT 205 Galesburg, IL; a 4,000-student districtType Of Whiteboard: SMART Boards (a 77-inch SMART Board is $1,399), tech.comWhy whiteboards?“We wanted to enhance teachers’ comfort and expertise with innovative teaching and learning tools, and our students’ engagement in learning, our students’ technology skills,” says Matt Jacobson, technology and learning coordinator.We chose these whiteboards because ...SMART has “taken care of us and takes notice of the things we’re doing.” The local trainer helped the district coordinate SMART user groups that serve as support groups, allowing teachers to exchange lesson plans.What do you like about the whiteboards?“The packaged software works wonderfully and can be used with anything on the desktop. The smart notebook tools, such as the magnifier and spotlight, help teachers navigate.”What don’t you like about the whiteboards?“This is nitpicking, but the latest version of clicker software forces you to reinstall Notebook 10.”Have teachers integrated the whiteboards successfully?“The K-8 teachers are doing an especially wonderful job, but the high-school teachers are taking a little longer. If the board is in a class, the teacher is more apt to incorporate it.”Any advice for schools that are considering whiteboards?Mount them permanently if it’s affordable, as you’ll get more usage. “Giving support and training, along with the time to play with it and figure out what this button does, is the key.”
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The Online Applied SMART Board Course is the first in a series of online applied training courses being developed by a group of former teachers and AV presentation professionals. The course, hosted by avatar “Mrs. Blossom,” comes with built-in LMS administrative facilities that allow school districts to facilitate purchases, allocate courses to teachers, and track individual teacher progress toward completion. The course is priced low enough to allow individual teachers to purchase it on their own as well as administrators to purchase it for their entire school district. Price: $69.95 Category: professional development

SMART TableST230i

The newly enhanced SMART TableST230i interactive learning center ( includes a SMART Sync classroom management software license that enables teachers to transfer content between their computer and the SMART Table. They can then monitor and control student activity, and display the SMART Table screen image on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Additionally, integration with the SMART Document Camera enables students to capture images directly onto the SMART Table in real time. The SMART Table Toolkit—used by teachers to customize and create content—now provides direct access to thousands of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software Gallery items, and allows teachers to preview SMART Table activities on their computer.

Interwrite Board Model in CA

District: ENTERPRISE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT Redding, CA; a 3,500-student districtType Of Whiteboard: eInstruction (the Interwrite Board Model 1095 is $1,825), www.interwritelearning.comWhy whiteboards?California students aren’t tied into a particular district because of where they live, so districts need to “compete for students,” says J.D. Wolfe, director of IT. “We wanted our tech offering to be the most appealing and beneficial for students.”We chose these whiteboards because ...Wolfe loved eLearning’s flexibility. “We bought just the components we wanted and integrated them,” he says. “Interwrite is only board I know that lets you use a regular pen. That makes it easier for teachers, especially those less comfortable with technology.”What do you like about the whiteboards?“The feedback is positive. Teachers say it opens a whole new realm for reaching kids. They’re thrilled with the lesson plans already created by other teachers in various subjects, and Interwrite support has been great.”What don’t you like about the whiteboards?As with any new technology, Wolfe says, there have been a few bugs, but they’ve been worked out quickly and easily.Have teachers integrated the whiteboards successfully?“The teachers who have them rave about them,” says Wolfe. “Many used the Interwrite pad before we bought these; they even bought the pads with their own classroom money.”Any advice for schools that are considering whiteboards?Wolfe suggests evaluating your needs against the products out there, and then looking at your budget. “Plan for professional development,” he urges. “Also, be sure to involve your teachers in the decision process; you’ll create more buy-in.”

SMART Technologies

announces the SMART Slate WS200 wireless slate. SMART Slate enables teachers and students to interact with digital lessons projected on a screen, an interactive whiteboard, an interactive display, or an interactive pen display from anywhere in the classroom. SMART Slate charges via the USB cable and supports 10 languages. The addition of a third programmable button enables customization, and the eraser function on the battery-free, tethered pen makes annotating with digital ink even more intuitive than it was on the


The beta version of SMART Notebook Express software is a lightweight Web-based application that lets anyone, anywhere download, edit, and share files created in SMART Notebook software. SMART Notebook Express enables educators who do not have SMART Notebook software installed on their computers to access and customize SMART Notebook content for their teaching needs. SMART Notebook Express incorporates popular features of SMART Notebook software, including the textediting tool, the pen tool, single-object selection, move and delete, basic Adobe Flash support, and the option of adding a page.Price: free Category: presentation

Touch Recognition added to SMART Board 600 series

SMART Technologies announces the addition of Touch Recognition to SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards. The feature is the first to automatically detect the difference between a pen, finger and palm of the hand. Teachers and students can now, for

Touch Recognition added to SMART Board 600 series

SMART Technologies announces the addition of Touch Recognition to SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards. The feature is the first to automatically detect the difference between a pen, finger and palm of the hand. Teachers and students can now, for

SMART Response XE

SMART Response XE ( is a new addition to the growing SMART Response product line. SMART Response XE includes keyboard-style handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver, and powerful assessment software that enables teachers to easily conduct assessments and gauge understanding quickly and efficiently. The product allows teachers to ask as many as 100 questions in a single lesson file. The full QWERTY keyboard gives them the flexibility to ask more types of questions and enables students to submit advanced math and science equations as well as text answers. As with all SMART Response interactive response systems, SMART Response XE lets teachers create quizzes and tests for formative and summative assessment or ask spontaneous questions to gain ongoing insight into student comprehension.