This study software provides remediation in subjects such as foreign languages, vocabulary, science, and history. It generates digital files similar to flash cards and allows users to add questions and answers. The study materials then work in a question-and-answer format. Once the needed materials are entered, students can learn through games. While they play, questions pop up to challenge them to master the information entered. After correctly answering all the questions, the student is congratulated. Price: $39.99 Category: remediation software
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Qwizdom Q7 Tablet

The Qwizdom Q7 Tablet combines RF technology, presenter controls, and response-system interactivity. Teachers can use this as they would any other interactive tablet, but if they are using the Qwizdom studentresponse system, they can enter a question into the Q7 tablet on the fly and see the statistics on that question on the tablet’s built-in LCD screen.PROS: The tablet uses RF to communicate with a computer, and the RF session is specific to each tablet, so no cross communication can take place between tablets. The tablet has a nice ergonomic design. The keyboard template is built right into the top of the tablet. The buttons are organized into logical function groups (all drawing buttons are together, all Qwizdom buttons are together, etc). The tablet is customizable for use with any software application and has a large backlit LCD that can show speaker notes and studentresponse data.CONS: The software will not work with tablets from competitors. The premium subscription is the only way to get all the state-standard curriculum material. As of this issue’s publication date, material recorded with the Q7 could not be placed on a Web page and played back later, but the company says this feature will be available in the fall of 2009; it applies only to Live Editor files.OVERALL EVALUATION: If a school uses the Qwizdom studentresponse system, this is an excellent product for it to Retail price: $429, or $300 if purchased with a Qwizdom student-response system

Product: Study Island

Study Island is a Web-based system for assessing students’ progress according to state standards. The service automatically addresses students’ deficiencies, provides a variety of reports, and works with several student-response systems without requiring that additional software be installed. Students are given electronic assignments to complete to state standards; if they are proficient enough, they can move on to another standard. Students who do not show proficiency receive a remediation assignment; if they do not pass it, they are given a second, easier assignment. Along the way, the system generates reports on students’ progress that can be emailed to teachers and parents.PROS: Study Island is a very good product and easy to use and has excellent reporting capabilities. The fact that there is no additional software to install is a bonus.CONS: Since the system can be accessed outside of school, a student could get help from a parent or a peer and an incorrect report on the student’s proficiency could be generated. To use the system effectively in the classroom, schools must ensure that there are enough computers for all students and that students who need remediation are given enough time to receive it within the normal school day.OVERALL EVALUATION: Study Island is an excellent way to ensure that students work to state-standard proficiency.www.studyisland.comRetail price: Varies according to product selected and school size; see Web site for further details.


These new levels, initially available in Spanish and English, will include extended, more complex conversations and grammar, expanded vocabulary and additional opportunities for speaking that prepare learners for everyday interactions in their language of study. Price: Call for pricing. Category: foreign language

The Qwizdom Q6 Student Response System

The Qwizdom Q6 Student Response System ( offers more opportunity for collaboration than any previous system; it includes an easy-to-use keypad similar to that of a cell phone, text input, and a larger LCD screen for viewing full responses. The small, ergonomic radio-frequency remotes allow each student to communicate with the teacher from up to 328 feet away and are durability tested to withstand the rigors of the classroom. Software used with Q6 remotes is both PC- and Mac-friendly, integrating easily with PowerPoint and Keynote. Additionally, Qwizdom Connect software works with hundreds of thousands of premade curriculum resource slides. The Q6 allows the student to enter scientific, mathematic, superscript and subscript expressions, along with punctuation symbols found on a cell phone.

SMART Response XE

SMART Response XE ( is a new addition to the growing SMART Response product line. SMART Response XE includes keyboard-style handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver, and powerful assessment software that enables teachers to easily conduct assessments and gauge understanding quickly and efficiently. The product allows teachers to ask as many as 100 questions in a single lesson file. The full QWERTY keyboard gives them the flexibility to ask more types of questions and enables students to submit advanced math and science equations as well as text answers. As with all SMART Response interactive response systems, SMART Response XE lets teachers create quizzes and tests for formative and summative assessment or ask spontaneous questions to gain ongoing insight into student comprehension.


The beta version of SMART Notebook Express software is a lightweight Web-based application that lets anyone, anywhere download, edit, and share files created in SMART Notebook software. SMART Notebook Express enables educators who do not have SMART Notebook software installed on their computers to access and customize SMART Notebook content for their teaching needs. SMART Notebook Express incorporates popular features of SMART Notebook software, including the textediting tool, the pen tool, single-object selection, move and delete, basic Adobe Flash support, and the option of adding a page.Price: free Category: presentation


released the PLC-XW250 and the PLC-XW200 for the education market that include an eco standby power mode and its exclusive Easy Setup Function. Using just 0.4 watts, the PLC-XW250 and the PLC-XW200 eco power stand-by mode saves about 80 percent of the energy that is consumed by similar previous SANYO projectors. Both projectors incorporate SANYO’s Easy Setup Function, which includes Auto Input Signal Search, Auto Vertical Keystone Correction, and an Input Guidance Function. When a signal is detected, it enables easy setup for expert users and novices alike. Using the supplied wired LAN terminal, both models can be controlled and managed via network connection.


The goal of the K12Translate Blog is to provide district educators and administrators with tips on how to communicate with diverse audiences more effectively; insight on best practices for helping streamline translation; case studies; and other information relating to new legislation and immigration trends. The blog comes from the new K12 Translate, an online languagetranslation service for school districts and educational institutions. Price: blog is free; translation services range from $.16-$.20/word Category: ELL, ESL, foreign language