A Guide to Some of the Latest School Furniture and Charging Stations

A Guide to Some of the Latest School Furniture and Charging Stations


FSR HuddleVU: Designed specifically for educational environments, FSR’s HuddleVU family of products are flexible packaged systems that are intuitive to use, built to last in high use, student-centered and don’t require software downloads or wireless access. The HuddleVU furniture line offers four table options with a variety of user configurations available and can be incorporated into any room decor. Customizations are quick, as all manufacturing and assembly is performed in the US.

The HuddleVU is ideal for collaboration rooms, study rooms, active learning classrooms, libraries, and viewing rooms.

FSR’s newest addition to the HuddleVU collaboration system line is the MiniVU. MiniVU offers a more compact table and seating area for smaller rooms or flexible environments. The reduced footprint is ideal for small group spaces with 2-4 users.

NeoMove Elliptical Cantilever Movement Chair: Motion and perfect balance is achieved with the sculptural, elliptical-framed, NeoMove Cantilever Chair. NeoMove™ chairs are specially designed with rubber shock mounts that allow the user to rock gently back and forth and side to side. Two openings in the shell improve airflow, but more importantly offer the portability required for active learning environments.

The sleek shape, waterfall-edged seat, and smooth-back design of the polypropylene shell makes this chair comfortable and easy to maintain. A balanced cantilever frame of 14-gauge steel offers a clean unobstructed base that easily slides under a desk or table. Available in 14”-20” seat heights for ages 5 through adult.

NeoMove is ideal for tech-enabled, active classrooms and for applications where motion will enhance learning for students with special needs, such as ADD or ADHD. Research has proven that the ability to move in a learning environment improves focus, concentration, and attentiveness.

The Verb Classroom Collection: The Steelcase Verb collection supports active learning in new ways by encouraging technology integration and supporting easy shifts between many modes of learning. Today’s instructors are introducing new pedagogies, but static furniture creates barriers to active learning. Verb allows for a full range of teaching and learning styles so students and instructors can make the most of collaborative learning.

The Verb collection consists of a wide range of tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, whiteboards with easels and wall tracks, and a mobile instructor station—all designed to increase interaction and collaboration between students, educators, and content. Recent additions to the Verb collection include personal tables, media tables, and a standing-height leg option that encourages posture changes and supports new active learning applications.

The Verb Classroom Collection supports students and educators across all learning and teaching styles. Simple mobility and reconfiguration allow students and instructors to shift from mode to mode, interact with content, connect to power, and collaborate with each other seamlessly.


AVerCharge C30i: The AVerCharge C30i’s sleek, compact design provides storage for 30 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets with up to a 15” screen. Intelligent charging automatically ensures all devices are safely and evenly charged with no programming required! C30i offers remarkable features to make device management as simple and efficient as possible.

Key features of the C30i: Intelligent charging technology, easy slide-out shelves, extra-large device slots, individual compartments for AC adapters, and compact cart design. The C30i is a reliable charging solution fit for any classroom.

Black Box Deluxe Charging Carts: Black Box’s carts charge, store, sync, and transport a wide variety of devices—from iPad minis to 15” Chromebooks. As your technology needs change, Black Box carts can be reconfigured with a few simple adjustments to meet your school’s demands and budget. The Deluxe Charging Carts store 18-48 devices and include adjustable shelving, timer, superior cable management, and safety-first design.

The IT rails allow schools to configure the carts as needed and future-proof their investment by allowing them to purchase new shelves if they switch to different devices. The carts’ unique safety features help prevent potential injuries or accidents. They include no climbing ledges, no sharp edges, and internal electrical components. Plus, the sturdy steel design will not tip over—even when empty. And, the cart’s steel frame is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Bretford TechGuard Charging Locker: Bretford’s newest innovation, the TechGuard Charging Locker, lets students securely store and charge up to three devices in a single bay. It’s versatile, stackable, and passcode protected, so devices are always ready to go — wherever students and faculty are, and need to go next.

TechGuard Charging Lockers are available in 1, 5, or 10 bay configurations to fit your location’s specific needs. Whichever configuration you choose, within each bay you’ll find plenty of space to fit devices as large as a laptop with an AC charger. A 10-Bay locker with 30 devices can operate using just one 15-A wall circuit.

Each bay offers one AC outlet for charging laptops or Chromebooks and two USB ports both capable of providing up to 2.4 A for full rate tablets and phones. Courtesy lighting makes plugging things in easy and clear-view windows allow administration view of contents. Electronic locks are easy to use and are powered internally so there is no need for battery replacement. Administration cards are included for override access.

Whether devices are institutionally supplied or used in a BYOD situation, the TechGuard lockers recharge devices for continuous learning use along with protecting expensive investments.

Copernicus Tech Tub Cart: Tech Tub Carts hold 24 devices and offers an alternative to high cost, heavy, and oversized tech storage and charging solutions. Designed to be secure, mobile, and modular, Tech Tub supports a “grow your own technology” approach to purchasing so schools can buy more Tech Tubs and Carts as they increase the amount of devices they have.

Tech Tubs Carts are available for Chromebooks, iPads, and other tablets. Tech Tubs have been improved with a new cable pocket to keep cords tidy, an internal power strip, and adjustable dividers to accommodate different sized devices. The cable pocket only needs to be set up once, so there’s less time handling tangled cords, devices can be conveniently charged using the internal power strip, and devices are kept secure when the Tubs are locked inside the cart.

Schools that share devices within a classroom or share devices throughout the school will find the Tech Tub line really easy to use. Individual Tubs can be signed out of the library for instance, and carried to a classroom or learning space or, depending on the number of devices needed for a lesson, the entire 4-Tub cart can be used to transport devices from class to class.

LocknCharge Carrier 20 Cart: The new, compact Carrier 20 Cart is designed for small classroom spaces and easy transporting of devices through tight hallways. The Cart can efficiently store and simultaneously charge as many as 20 mobile devices at once. The universal Cart gives schools flexibility, since it works with iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini devices and most other tablets, laptops and Chromebooks. Featuring Baskets by LocknCharge, the Cart provides portability for mobile devices that traditional cabinets do not. Baskets allow for devices to be distributed to a classroom in a fraction of the time; this equals more time utilizing the technology and less time standing in line for devices.

Teachers or IT administrators can easily secure the Cart and keep their devices safe at the end of the school day. The Cart features secure doors that have two locking points to protect the school’s valuable mobile technology investment safely inside. The Cart can also be chained to the floor overnight, with the included floor anchor, locking it in place so it can’t be moved or stolen.

Ergotron ZIp40 Charging Cart: Ergotron’s Zip40 Charging Cart transports, secures, protects, and charges mobile computing devices. The cart has up to 40-unit capacity with 1.1”-wide (28 mm) slots and partial shelf for extra storage—ideal for tablets, Chromebooks, and Ultrabooks (30-unit capacity with 1.9”-wide (48 mm) slots for full-size laptops or devices with large cases). Compatible screen size up to 15.6”.

One unique feature is Ergotron’s PowerShuttle power management system, which charges up to 30% faster than a standard round-robin charging system. The unit requires only one power cord plugged into a standard wall outlet and prevents overloading of electrical circuits by efficiently grouping the number of devices that are charged at one time.

With a compact 30”W x 26”D footprint and 5” dual-wheel locking casters, teachers can easily zip from one classroom to another—requiring 33% less push/pull force than carts with single-wheel casters. Or, with an optional security bracket kit, the cart can be locked in a fixed location on the floor or wall to secure it in place.

Whether 1:1 deployments or BYOD, this cart accommodates a broad range of devices.

PowerGistics 12 Shelf Wall Mount Charging Station: PowerGistics charging and storage solutions are smart, durable systems that provide a small footprint to keep devices organized, compact, and easy-to-access with an open concept so each stored device can quickly and easily be inventoried and cataloged. The unique positive cable management’s no-tangle design secures the individual cords, saving teachers countless headaches untangling devices while offering 100% student deployment saving 56.66 teaching hours per year.

New for 2015 is PowerGistics positive cable management design. Each cord is individually managed along the side of each self. The power bricks are plugged in a power strip behind the spine while the cords are thread through an eyelet that holds the cord snug in place. Once set up, the cord will only be long enough to plug in and unplug devices without damaging or pinching cords.

With PowerGistics, schools save time, money, and gain valuable classroom space. The open concept allows teachers to confirm devices are plugged in and accounted for, while the unique cord management allows students to manage their own pick up and drop off.

PowerStacker Tower Charging Station: HamiltonBuhl’s PowerStacker Tower with modular components can be combined into multiple configurations to hold from 10 to up to 40 devices. Each cart charges laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads simultaneously in the same cabinet, and is programmable for sequential charging so as not to exceed the 15 amp classroom limit. With power cords arranged in the front of the charging compartment, students have an easy access to their devices. And, the double-lock doors ensure devices are well-protected.

Units can be stacked or mounted to a desktop, attached to a wall, or wheeled around using industrial casters. A divider assembly snaps into place and can be removed during maintenance or installation. Snap in dividers are coated with a special material to protect them during insertion or removal. Protective rubberized mats for extra protection are also available. It includes two tamperproof doors with double locks and vented side panels for efficient cooling.

Thread by Steelcase: Thread by Steelcase Thread is a simple power distribution system that turns any carpeted floor into a power source by running power through ultra-thin tracks. Thread runs a building’s power through a 3/16 high modular track designed to be laid under carpet. Power when and where it is needed. The Thread track comes in 1 foot increments, up to 12 feet in length, and attaches to a low-profile connector and a standing power hub or adapter.

The Thread power system is a one circuit, 20-amp system allowing enough power to support laptops, mobile devices, and furniture such as media:scape. Thread’s power hubs fit any environment and are designed with built-in cord management. The system uses a proprietary low-profile plug making power ultra-thin and seamless. The track integrates into any space, providing power to furniture and users without impacting foot traffic.

Thread takes power from the walls and brings it to the middle of the room. Instead of students racing to find an open plug on a wall and sitting on the floor to receive power, Thread brings power to each student to relieve the distraction of technology devices losing their charge. Thread’s modular design makes it easy to install in any new or existing space, and provides organizations with future flexibility for change in design.

Tripp Lite Charging Stations: Tripp Lite Charging Stations charge, secure, and organize up to 48 USB or 32 AC devices, such as tablets and Chromebooks. Perfect for schools, libraries, and other educational institutions, they ensure devices get the power they need and keep valuable hardware and data investments safe from theft and tampering. With the optional caster and handle added, the charging station can be wheeled from room to room.

Tripp Lite Charging Stations feature locking steel doors and side panels to prevent device theft and tampering. Internal dividers are removable and reconfigurable to accommodate a variety of USB and AC devices. With the optional caster and handle kit, the charging station becomes a mobile cart. Charging Stations ship fully assembled for fast deployment.

Tripp Lite Charging Stations can be mounted on the wall or deployed on the desk or floor. In environments where devices are moved from classroom to classroom, the optional caster and handles make it easy to move the charging station with devices securely inside the unit.