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Assistive Technology Roundup

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In this special supplement you'll learn how schools are using tech to assist students with a wide variety of learning needs, and find out specific resources you can use in your district.

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Iowa recognizes importance of assistive technology

Not every student with a disability needs to be placed in a special education environment. In fact, many don’t. Often, just having a few simple and relatively inexpensive technological aids available in the classroom erases learning disadvantages and simplifies teaching.

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Revision Assistant

Revision Assistant is an online writing tool that provides writing prompts and feedback for students in grades 6 through university at the click of a button.

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Fundamentals of K-12 Technology Programs

This new series, sponsored by HP, covers the educational technology topics that matter most to the profession's leaders, practitioners, and innovators as they plan and implement effective instructional technology integration programs.

Resources for Assistive Technology

My district wants school sites to expand our technology-based programs to include use of assistive technologies for students with special needs. I don’t know where to begin to help staff tackle this new initiative. Can you recommend any resources? There are two Web sites that can help you get started. They