Australian Arthur Phillip High School Goes Google From Across the Globe

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In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from Brad Main, Deputy Principal at Arthur Phillip High School located in Parramatta, Australia. The school is an international leader in integrating technology into teaching and learning. After a 12 month pilot program, Arthur Phillip is launching Google Apps for Education across the entire school and a 1:1 program for students in years 7, 8, and 9. Come hear how colleagues from “down under” are successfully going Google!


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Brad Main

Brad has been Deputy Principal at Arthur Phillip High School since 2007. He has been responsible for managing the many technologies used to support teaching and learning across the school. Brad has worked closely with other key facilitators in the school to provide the necessary professional learning to support successful and effective integration of technology. He has led the transition from the Digital Education Revolution (DER) to APHS Connected 121 (APHS121).

Also Presenting:

Adam Naor is an Education Specialist at Google, whose mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Adam, as the Head of the Chrome in Education team, helps schools across Australia and New Zealand harness web-based instruction and adopt web-based tools. He works with education leaders, technology and curriculum departments, and teachers to give students access to the web and a world of resources. He has been involved in educational technology at Google for four years.

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