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Here’s a game for budding epidemiologists. Find out what is causing outbreaks of infectious diseases at school by asking questions of sick and well students, finding clues in the classrooms, and analyzing information to determine the source of the illness to prevent another outbreak. On the website there are two episodes for Grade 5 students to practice their investigative techniques, but if teachers want more, there is a CD that can be ordered that includes four scenarios and a teacher’s guide. This is a good introduction to public health and the importance of food safety.

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Name: 2learn.ca Brief Description of the Site: Produced by Education Society of Alberta, Canada, this is an especially content-rich site for teachers, students, and parents. For teachers there are lots of links under five broad headings: Constructing Knowledge, P.D. Growth, Curricular Resources, Project Centre,

College of Physicians of Philadelpia: History of Vaccines

Complete medical education project explores the role and uses of vaccines now and in the past. Find information and analysis about vaccination controversies answers to frequent questions about vaccinations timelines of diseases, treatments, medical breakthroughs, and immunization pioneers (Jenner, Pasteur,

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The USDA Farm Service Agency provides a collection of informative and entertaining ways for students to learn more about the importance of farming and food production. Find coloring books, games, interactive and static, and other fun activities that center around

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A Kid's Guide to Shots Find out why you need to get shots in order to stay healthy. This article provides information pertaining to the ingredients in shots and how they make you immune to many harmful diseases. Kids Health • Middle School Elementary School Donna Levine