Classroom AV in the 21st Century

Classroom AV in the 21st Century

Technology in the classroom is no longer a phenomenon. It’s now an integral part of a student’s education. According to the U.S. Department of Education, computers are in 97 percent of classrooms every day, and the adoption of new tech by teachers is growing.

Students are benefiting from enhanced learning situations that not only prepare them for an increasingly digital workforce and society, but also relate to the tech-centric world they already inhabit. Connected families and homes are the norm—laptops and smart phones are in 80 and 70 percent of homes, respectively, and tablets are the fastest-growing acquisition segment in home tech.

Today’s students are the children of digital natives, and savvy teachers and school districts are finding new ways to teach them through tech platforms that engage, creating an interactive classroom that speaks their language.

In addition to PCs and tablets, collaborative tech such as interactive projectors that transform any surface into a whiteboard, or remote AV control devices that enable students to write on whiteboards from their desks, are enabling educators to turn a typical classroom into a new world of interactive learning opportunities.

Companies like ViewSonic are already creating technologies for the immersive, collaborative classrooms of tomorrow. Learn how the pieces fit together to help students learn and achieve in tomorrow’s world, today.

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