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Kids Health: Cold, Ice, and Snow Safety

Kids Health: Cold, Ice, and Snow Safety Playing in the snow is fun, but it can also be dangerous. KidsHealth helps you learn about the importance of dressing for the weather to protect your body and health. This page also includes information about the dangers associated with cold-weather activities

Creating Snow Art

Virtual world Make a Flake teaches real world scissoring skills by letting players create snowflakes from folded sheets of paper. Those who don't feel like virtual snipping can print out a fabulous flake from a gallery of countless designs and

All About Snow

All About Snow Supposedly the native people of Alaska have dozens of words to describe snow. All About Snow, from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, goes even further by presenting just about everything you might want to know about snow, from avalanches to snow science. There is also a snow

NJ School Steps Up Safety on Snow Days

Primoris Academy, a private school for gifted children in Bergen County, New Jersey has contracted with One Call Now to allow administrators to quickly contact parents when the school is delayed or closed.