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Don’t Buy It: Buying Smart

Sales pitches can be devious, so have your students work through this site from PBS to learn how to be a smart consumer.
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Sales pitches can be devious, so have your students work through this site from PBS to learn how to be a smart consumer. Several games help users hone their buying skills. The emphasis in the Shopping Bag game is on reading labels, especially the fine print and ingredients. What's the difference between designer outfits and those which are more of a bargain? The games are all fun, but also instructive.

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Don't Buy It, Get Media Smart!

Don't Buy It, Get Media Smart! PBS provides resources to help teachers encourage media literacy. Access, evaluate, and analyze electronic and print media. Dissect pop culture and advertisements. Use the Get Media Smart Resources to uncover advertising tricks, make smart purchases, and learn what

M.I. Smart! Program

Name: M.I. Smart! Program Brief Description of the Site: This site emphasizes the importance of addressing multiple intelligences. The web site seeks to support learning by "nurturing talents and abilities of all children" recognizing multiple intelligences. What those intelligences are is clearly defined by


Tip: When you work with your teachers to design PBL activities, focus on what students will be able to do and should know. In designing a project, consider the SMART elements: Specific: Ensure that everyone is aware of the learning goals, outcomes and objectives. Measured: Define the academic content standards

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PBS Kids: It's My Life

This website from PBS is a place where students, parents, and teachers can go to find information on a wide variety of topics related to child health and well-being.

Power to Learn: Internet Smarts

 An excellent educational site about the Internet. Topics include chat rooms, illegal downloads, online deception, fair use, cyberbullying, social networking, digital permanence and other timely issues. Teacher's guides are included. courtesy of netTrekker

Customize Your SMART Notebook

 Learn how to save time and steps by customizing your SMART notebook settings. If you are unable to view the video below, watch it here on YouTube. Quickflicks  courtesy of Atomic Learning   

Don't Assume; Assess

Whether instructors face the challenge of teaching efficiently and effectively, have to define student needs and placement, or must spend more time correcting behavior than teaching, assessment tech can be a useful tool to finding success.

Furl It

Tip: Instead of bookmarking web sites, I now FURL them using that site’s free Web-based bookmarks. Once you have subscribed, you can drag an icon to your menu bar in your favorite browser. When you are on a Web site that you want to FURL, Click on the icon. The page name and URL are automatically entered into