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Editors Desk: Oldies but Goodies

Thirty-five years is impressive for any publication, let alone a technology magazine, to survive.
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Thirty-five years is impressive for any publication, let alone a technology magazine, to survive. This latest iteration of Tech & Learning, while having had many titles over the decades, has consistently stayed true to the mission: to share the best tools and ideas for edtech leaders.

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We're proud to be its stewards. We also plan to celebrate accordingly. Throughout the year, our team will scour the archives, profile the legends, and prod the major players for their memories of the past and predictions for the future. This month, David Warlick reminisces about that first “aha” moment when it came to technology in the classroom. Contributing editor Gwen Solomon itemizes some great early moments. And we pull some excerpts from the very first issue of what was then called Classroom Computer News, in September of 1980. Here’s my favorite from the first editor Lloyd R. Prentice: “Over the past five years, American education has been buffeted by declining enrollment, plummeting professional morale, and a rising tide of criticism from parents, politicians, and the news media. Over the same period, the computer field has exploded with ideas and products that are likely to change society more fundamentally than did the introduction of the automobile nearly a century before.”

Sounds familiar, right? And don’t forget—this was written 15 years before the World Wide Web! What are some of your favorite “aha” moments from your careers in edtech? Share them with us at techlearning.com and we’ll add you to the mix. We’re especially interested in any photographs you may have for our 2015 time capsule.

—Kevin Hogan
Content Director



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One of the many things that make this job both inspiring and fun is the opportunity to interact with readers—educators who over the years have become trusted advisors and contributors.

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