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E-Teaching: Electronic Portfolios for 21st Century Students

Name:E-Teaching: Electronic Portfolios for 21st Century Students

Brief Description of the Site:
Electronic Portfolios are defined on this site "as a meaningful collection of work, experiences, and thoughts that has been created in an electronic format, and can published online." To that end, E-Teaching encourages the use of online publishing of student work using PowerPoint as well as other software to create a student "digital" online presence which then serves as a portfolio. The question is posed, "How can templates be effectively used to support student and teacher web site development?" Using templates simplifies implementing digital student portfolios. While this is a commercial site offering to assist schools in the creation of portfolios aligned with rubrics for a fee, there is an offer to send various sample templates if requested. Explanations as to why and how an online presence should be developed displaying student work make a compelling argument for developing student projects that are web based. The ideas presented are valuable and to not require product purchase in order to read why educators should implement many of the site's suggestions.

How to use the site:
For educators not yet familiar with the electronic portfolio concept or the idea of establishing an Internet (online) presence for students, this site has worthwhile information. The home page offers links to explanations of electronic portfolios, why it is important for the learning process, how templates that the site's creators are marketing can help meet federal mandates while simplifying the process of online portfolio development for school districts, and a link to E-Teaching's book about using PowerPoint to create web portfolios for students. There are many interesting suggestions, including a persuasive argument for students to develop their own web sites through project based learning. Truth be told, one does not necessarily need the templates or products marketed on this site to follow the suggestions made for supporting 21st century learning through students web site development. That can be done with commercially available software, but the basic premise of the site is worth examination by educators interested fostering learning using the technology tools that drive instruction in support of standards based curriculum and assessment.

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Edited by Katherine Kuang
Student, PS 56Q