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Exploring 20th Century London

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Exploring 20th Century London

Learn all about 20th century London. View tales of London, take a monthly quiz, and explore important, exciting places in London. Be sure to click on Tales of London to experience London as a child.

London Museums Hub

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Explore dc

Explore dc For teachers planning a spring-time visit to our nation's capital or for anyone interested in learning about that fascinating city, this site is an excellent choice. Among the site's special sections is one on African-American Heritage and another on U.S. presidents. The site offers

Explore London

Explore London Explore this interactive photographic tour of the city of London. Easy navigation allows you to find panoramic views of almost all of the major places in the city. Explore London • Pictures and/or Illustrations • High School Middle School Elementary School

Solar System Exploration

Solar System Exploration This stunning site on the solar system gives a great overview of the planets and our sun. Learn about each object's size, vital statistics, and moons. Then go on for a more in-depth look at these objects in the column on the left. This site features unsurpassed authority, design,

The Mariners' Museum: Exploration Through the Ages

The Mariners' Museum: Exploration Through the Ages This carefully crafted, stunning site addresses many aspects of world exploration: Topics covered include: The Great Exchange, Changing View of the World, Life at Sea, Travel Writers, Exploration From the Beginning of Civilization, and even

21st Century Literacies

21st Century Literacies The term "21st Century Literacies" refers to the skills needed to flourish in today's society and in the future. This site focuses on four such literacies, which it labels: information, media, multicultural, and visual literacy. The site contains many resources, both bibliographic

21st Century Innovators

The aim of this site is to encourage students to become the innovators of the future. In addition to offering multimedia ways to learn how some innovations have occurred, it also provides three areas Learning Space, Career Pathway, and Multimedia.

Exploring the Nanoworld

Exploring the Nanoworld This site provides information that every level of science student can understand. The authors promise that students will be able to investigate the "frontiers of the nanoworld" and learn about everything from DNA to semiconductors. There are some great resources:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Partnership for 21st Century Skills The Partnership website is an excellent place to learn what 21st century skills are, why they are important and who is supporting their development. Perhaps the most valuable section for teachers and administrators is the section on Framework Resources. Here