Fundamentals of K-12 Technology Programs

Fundamentals of K-12 Technology Programs

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The world is connected and today's students are part of a digital generation. They expect schools to provide the tools they use at home and at play. Educators expect students to learn the skills they will need to live and work in the future.

As districts plan for change, they look at the issues surrounding one-to-one computing programs in order to provide access and equity to all students. They recognize that the best way to help students learn is to help them to use new tools in thoughtful ways. Before they can achieve this goal, they have to consider the fundamentals.

Brought to you by Tech & Learning and sponsored by HP, this new series Fundamentals of K-12 Technology Programs covers the educational technology topics that matter most to the profession's leaders, practitioners, and innovators as they plan and implement effective instructional technology integration programs.

Topics for the series include:

  • Program Planning, Implementation, and Sustainability
  • Infrastructure & Networking
  • Technology Systems: Servers, Storage and More
  • Security
  • Money Matters
  • Educational Technology Leadership
  • 21st Century Learning and assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Strategic Data Management & Decision Support
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Web 2.0

Issue 1: Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Program Planning, Implementation, and Sustainability

Issue 2: Infrastructure and Networking: The Backbone of Educational Technology Programs

Issue 3: Educational Technology Leadership: The Key to Progress and Change

Issue 4: Money Matters: Budgets, Finances, and Resources for Tech Programs

Issue 5: Safety and Security: Keeping Students and Systems Safer

Issue 6: 21st Century Learning and Assessment: What Students Need to Know and How To Measure It

Issue 7: Web 2.0 and Learning

Issue 8: Thin Client and Server Virtualization: The Path to Security, Manageability, and Savings

Issue 9: Professional Development: The Key to Technology Integration

Issue 10: Mobile Learning: Giving Students and Teachers Powerful Tools to Succeed

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