Girls & STEM

The Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative is a network of professionals that encourage more girls to pursue STEM-related careers.Students used an augmented reality interface and app to create a project in a program from Verizon Innovative Learning.

According to research by STEMconnector and the National Science Board, women make up only 28 percent of the science and engineering workforce. To help encourage more girls to participate in STEM programs, two new initiatives have been announced.

The first comes from Boxlight, which has signed on to be the convening agency for the Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative formed under the auspices of the National Girls Collaborative Project. The Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative is a statewide network of professionals, researchers, and practitioners focused on expanding and strengthening STEM-related career opportunities for girls. Boxlight will be responsible for encouraging collaboration and improving inter-program communication among these various organizations and individuals, helping them come together to share best practices, develop new collaborations, and share resources.

The second program, geared specifically to middle-school girls in rural communities, was launched this summer by Verizon Innovative Learning (the education arm of the Verizon Foundation). The program piloted a three-week summer learning experience at five community colleges in rural areas across Iowa, Virginia, and Tennessee. Students used an augmented reality interface and app to create a culminating project that identified—and solved—a community problem that aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn More About Boxlight And The Georgia Girls Stem Collaborative At Boxlight.Com/Ggstem And Read Highlights Of The Outcomes From The Verizon Innovative Learning Project At Tinyurl.Com/Y9oe62uq