How Dogs Know What You're Feeling

Ever wonder how your dog seems to know when you are feeling happy or sad?
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Ever wonder how your dog seems to know when you are feeling happy or sad?

Ever wonder how your dog seems to know when you are feeling happy or sad? Scientists have recently discovered that dog brains, like human brains, have dedicated voice areas, which helps explain why your dog just knows. A team of scientist at the University of Glasgow conducted MRIs on dogs’ brains to see how they process different types of sounds; the dogs listened to about 200 dog and human sounds, such as whines, cries, playful barks, and laughs. The scientists also scanned the brains of 22 humans who listened to the same set of sounds. The results showed that dog brains have voice areas and that they process voices in the same way that human brains do. While there are differences, scientists have confirmed that dogs are sensitive to tone of voice. That's part of why they have become such integral parts of our human existence.

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