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How SSO Delivers on the Promise of Digital Learning

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With the rise of digital learning through classroom technology comes the promise of interactive, highly engaging digital resources that can transform teaching and learning. However, that promise remains unfulfilled in too many classrooms because it¹s too difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming for teachers and students to access these resources.

Enter single sign-on (SSO), an important step that many schools are taking to help them fulfill on the promise of digital learning.

In this buyer¹s guide:

Explore the current offerings for high-quality single sign-on (SSO) in K-12 districts

Discuss the importance of security and rostering in our digital educational world

Receive useful tips to selecting the best SSO solution for your district

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Promises, Promises

It’s only natural, this time of year, to hear big-picture talk about the state of technology and pedagogy in school.