Labdisc GenSci Retail Price: $599.00

The Labdisc GenSci is an advanced science lab and data logger. It includes up to 15 wireless sensors so users can conduct a variety of science experiments right out of the box. Students can experiment with air pressure, ambient temperature, current, distance (motion), external temperature, GPS, light, microphones, pH, relative humidity, sound, universal input, and voltage.

The Labdisc is simple to use, both on its own and with GlobiLab’s free software. GlobiLab is compatible with PC, Chrome OS, Mac, iOS, and Android and connects via wireless Bluetooth or USB.

Quality and Effectiveness: The Labdisc GenSci is a well-constructed and extremely effective product for the K–12 science classroom. Because it works with a variety of platforms, it could find a home in any science teacher’s curriculum. The data logger has a 128K sample memory and 24K/second sampling rate, as well as a 150-hour charge life and large graphical LCD and GPS. All of these features, paired with the sensors and GlobiLab software, allow students and teachers to perform a variety of general science experiments in and out of the classroom in real time and longitudinally.

Ease of Use: The Labdisc GenSci is the “Swiss Army knife” of data loggers. Users simply turn it on, rotate the ring to select which sensor they’d like to use, and begin logging data. The LCD screen and keypad make it easy to select the experiment and watch the data being logged in real time. GlobiLab software features a full-color data display with a variety of meter types and easy-to-understand icons. Its multimedia features include markers and annotation functionality. Students can add text and images at key points along the graphs. Users can also manage files and export to spreadsheets, allowing for further analysis and presentation of the data.

Creative Use of Technology: The Labdisc unit is an extremely innovative use of technology. It packs a multitude of features into a lightweight, compact, and portable device. The unit’s universal sensor port can be used with third-party sensors teachers may already have from other vendors. In addition, the data that’s stored from all of the sensors is easily saved with the GlobiLab software’s file management feature. The GPS feature integrates with Google Maps so students can merge their sensor values and plot them over a Google Map. This allows students to zoom in and pan around the map to see the actual location of the data. This data can then be shared in a variety of ways with their classmates, as well as with students in other locations, to create global, collaborative, inquiry-based projects.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The Labdisc GenSci is a quality, purpose-built tool for the classroom. Multiple units can be purchased along with GenSci’s mobile science cart for secure charging and storage. Labdisc offers other units for environmental science, physics, biology, and chemistry that can be used as stand-alone units or mixed and matched in a cart to suit the needs of a school or district.


The Labdisc data logger is an excellent tool for teachers and students exploring and building upon inquiry-based learning. Labdiscs can be used in field experiments as well as in the classroom so students can have more real-world science experiences. The charger and 150-plus hours of battery life give users more than enough time to complete long-term data logging.


● The Labdisc is an all-in-one wired/wireless science lab with 15 sensors that can be carried in one hand for use in the classroom or out in the field.
● The free GlobiLab software enables deeper analysis and presentation of the data so students can get real-world results.
● All sensors are calibrated and ready for automatic testing, requiring no setup time.