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Name:MalekTips Computer Help and Tips

Brief Description of the Site:
Andrew Malek of Envision Programming, who was also a former systems analyst at BellSouth, created this web site in 1998. You'll find information about freeware, public-domain software and shareware through author-supplied links. There are links to advertising but there is considerable help in the form of tips for browsers, software, web site development, graphics, and software compression. Tech enthusiasts of all ages will find valuable information for tweaking computer performance and software. Newsletters, industry news, and Internet Basics link to suggestions for use of databases, utilities, games and internet related applications. Use of this site might be the next step, once you've given up on the documentation, and this online version will probably be more understandable giving one a better shot at finding solutions. With any luck, you'll have a class or colleague who's a techie who can find what you'll need on this site. While there are commercial links, they don't interfere with access to a fair amount of information. The forums and chat areas offer a chance to pursue a solution in the hopes of finding a response from someone who has encountered your problem and successfully found an answer.

How to use the site:
"MalekTips Computer Help and Tips" offers site visitors exactly that. There are articles, software, and forums for information on the various versions of Windows, versions 4 through 6 of Internet Explorer, tips on manipulating digital images on the digital cameras link, tips for maintaining one's computer by defragmenting, converting files and increasing computer performance. There are suggestions for handling sound problems, testing keyboards, caring for CDs and more. Information regarding Word Processing, various software packages, DOS ("Disk Operating System" for PC users), and working with HTML code (for web design) appear on the navigation tool bar on the left of the page. There's a newsletter and a message forum listing discussions of specific tech issues for those who are either seeking help or have found solutions. Keep this site in mind (and bookmark it) for that inevitable day necessitating trouble shooting. This site may have some answers you're looking for.

Submitted by:
Andrew Malek
Knoxville, TN