Mobile Mindset Series

Mobile Mindset Series Retail Price: $19.95 per book

Quality and Effectiveness: Professionally and personally, I appreciate this series. Each volume targets a specific audience of stakeholders in the mobile learning puzzle, including district leaders, parents, coaches, teachers, principals, and IT staff. Each book is independently useful, but ideally, the whole series would best serve the intended audiences simultaneously. Hooker is highly praised in educational technology circles, deeply understands each perspective, and brings his engaging voice and informed examples to each volume.

Ease of Use: The books are written in a conversational style, are easy to absorb, and will serve as references for years. All the books are organized into similar, yet specifically relevant, chapters for the various audiences. Each book contains a chapter of Top 10 Things NOT to Do, a chapter on Tying All Things Together, and a chapter to Reflect and Share Ideas. Each book also includes an interview with a renowned expert in the field. For example, Kathy Schrock, an edtech advocate for 20+ years, shares deep knowledge for coaches.

Creative Use of Technology: At review time, the final layout was not ready, but I know ISTE will publish a visually appealing, easy-to-read series. Hooker’s innovative examples throughout the books are compelling for each audience. If read together, the books will inform conversations crucial for any mobile device program.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This series was written exclusively for school and district environments. Vivid examples and deep reflection in each book will allow any school or district to launch or improve its mobile device program. Hooker is an established teacher and eloquent writer with a rich history of experiences in the field of mobile devices and teaching.


This six-book series deserves my highest rating. The series includes many detailed examples and solid strategies for each audience, and will help anyone implement or improve a mobile device initiative.


● For anyone interested in launching or improving a mobile device program, Hooker’s series is engaging, practical, and full of insightful examples.

● The six-book series effectively shares experiences and deep reflections about implementing a mobile device program for all the stakeholders who need to participate to ensure a successful process and outcome.

● This series can serve as a resource long after the mobile device program is launched; there is always room for improvement, and Hooker offers much sage advice.