Mrs. Rosen's Groovy Music Page

Name:Mrs. Rosen's Groovy Music Page

Brief Description of the Site:
Margaret Rosen, a music teacher from Deephaven, Minnesota provides Web site complete with activity links for her elementary-aged students, information for parents, and resource links for families about music. Rosen is also using the site to integrate Web technology to support and supplement classroom instruction.

How to use the site:
Students learning to play recorders use the Recorder link to review fingering and to access music pieces to practice. The Composers and Games links are filled with activities and information that may be used as lesson extensions or in the classroom. Be sure to visit the Mozart WebQuest. A special section for parents includes a link to the national standards for music, the school's band schedule, and informational links about music, including a list of Web sites created by other music teachers across the country.

Submitted by:
Licia Strickhouser

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