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My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track

Find out why it works for her, and how you can develop that same kind of nonverbal communication with your students.
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It’s summer vacation, but I’m sure you are still thinking about the classroom and how to make it better next year. This is a very brief video in which a teacher explains her “teacher look.” Find out why it works for her, and how you can develop that same kind of nonverbal communication with your students. It’s a way to redirect an individual’s behavior without involving the entire classroom. The educators’ comments about the video are certainly worth reading also.

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Getting Back to Basics with Technology

We constantly hear about the pitfalls of rushing ahead with our students’ regular education and skipping the basics. We have seen the problems inherent with many new fads and trendy education theories. We all know the importance of teaching students to read, write and do mathematics first. But why can’t we do

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Online filmmaking community where you can learn how to make your own films, watch films created for CBBC competitions, download sound effects, make a mashup, and rate the work of your filmmaking peers. From the Children's BBC.  courtesy of netTrekker   

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from Educators' eZine Build it (your tech training seminars) and sometimes they (your teachers) will not come, unless you find ways to make it productive, personalized, and rewarding. One of the major objectives for Technology Coordinators every year is how to involve teachers in staff development when there is so

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 Lubbock Independent School District teacher Penny Carpenter saw a unique opportunity for her students: a project to map the spread of swine flu in Texas counties.

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Back to School Teachers, here's a great resource for finding new ideas for Back to School. Helpful to both new and veteran teachers alike, its authors provide ideas for getting to know students quickly, behavior management, printable worksheets, help for first-year teachers and substitutes, and much more.

Look around, and over

How does a periscope work? Build a mirrored tube that lets you see around corners and over walls, using milk cartons, pocket mirrors and other household items. Light always reflects away from a mirror at the same angle that