National Museum of Natural History

Name:National Museum of Natural History

Brief Description of the Site:
This division of the Smithsonian has a wealth of topics related to natural history, and is updated regularly for new features. Highlights change regularly making this a must visit site monthly, just for the new information available. This month find out about the Coelacanth, mosquitoes and West Nile disease, and Lewis and Clark As Naturalists under highlights or "What's New", a regular site feature. Links to exhibits and educator resources provide in depth research opportunities depending on student needs. IMAX movie tickets are even available for purchase with links indicating where and when specific movies are playing around the world!

How to use the site:
Online Exhibits is probably the most useful link for those living in proximity to the museum in Washington, DC. Exhibit topics range from Diamonds, Northern Peoples, the Sioux tribe, and drawings of the western frontier, addressing cross-curricular connections. The Lewis and Clark exhibit includes an interactive map, time line, collections, and a wealth of material that can be used for students in elementary through high school. While tool bars on the bottom are easy to navigate, it's a good idea to bookmark the home page URL due to the extensive links on the site. That way you can always return to the Home Page and the exhibit of interest.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein