No Fear of Friday the 13th for Triskaidekaphobia Expert

Are you a triskaidekaphobe? If so, this is definitely not your favorite day. And there will be an unusual two more Fridays like this during the year. Triskaidekaphobia comes from four Greek words: tris=three; kai=and; deka=ten; and phobia=fear. That works out to be a fear of the number thirteen. This article by a scientist from the Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center explains the power of the number 13 in superstition and history. Woodrow Wilson, the president during World War I, considered thirteen his lucky number. On the other hand, Franklin D. Roosevelt adjusted his travel schedule so he wouldn’t have to travel on the 13th. See why Friday the 13th is especially a bad day for those who are superstitious.

courtesy of Knovation