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Operation Santa Paws

This site encourages folks to donate to their local animal shelters.
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During the holidays many clothing and toy drives are held to be sure that everyone can enjoy the season. This site puts a different slant on volunteerism by encouraging folks to donate to their local animal shelters. The operator of this site is based in California and many of the activities center around Long Beach and southern California, but there is no reason this idea can’t be borrowed and used in every community in order to make life more humane for shelter and rescue pets. A handy wish list that would cover the needs of any shelter is provided, so you can adapt your school's drive to meet the needs of your community.

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Operation: Heart Transplant

Operation: Heart Transplant Take heart! Users at this interactive feature from the NOVA: "Electric Heart" Web site may perform a virtual heart transplant in nineteen easy steps. This site discusses the history of heart transplants and provides an in depth and realistic look at this procedure.

Hotmath Review: Fraction Operations

 Find concise explanations of all aspects of fractions including operations involving two fractions, and working with mixed numbers. Examples are given and clearly explained.courtesy of netTrekker

NOVA Online: Operation Heart Transplant

Put on your surgical gloves and get ready to do a virtual heart transplant in the NOVA operating theater. You'll get a set of surgical tools and instructions you need to understand the step by step process doctors use for

Maximum Operating Temperatures for Computers

Question: What is the maximum temperature in Centigrade that I should run my PC (XP pro)? Also, do you know where I can download a small program I've heard about that places the temperature in the bottom right corner of my screen (apparently it shows processor etc temperature and flashes red when it gets too hot).

Local News, Online

Shoutback.com is a new website which specializes in providing local, national and international news sources in one online location. In addition to presenting local news feeds, the site encourages users to add their own local news or to suggest blogs, Twitter feeds and other local content sources to enhance their community page.

Colonial Williamsburg

Name: Colonial Williamsburg Brief Description of the Site: Meet the people who inhabit this historical village and learn about colonial life through each of the characters this site introduces. This is not the Colonial Williamsburg of yore, but a new, retooled site with Flash animation, an Explore and Learn