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Pigments through the Ages

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Play the part of an art historian and examine paintings of van Gogh and Raphael. Learn about multispectral imaging and how the use of various wavelengths uncovers information beyond what can be seen by the naked eye. This very detailed site also offers a history of a Renaissance painting by Giovanni Bellini and repainted by Titian. X-ray and infrared imagery have unlocked the mysteries of this painting.

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The Mariners' Museum: Exploration Through the Ages

The Mariners' Museum: Exploration Through the Ages This carefully crafted, stunning site addresses many aspects of world exploration: Topics covered include: The Great Exchange, Changing View of the World, Life at Sea, Travel Writers, Exploration From the Beginning of Civilization, and even

Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

 Take a tour of the King Tut Exhibition at the Field Museum without leaving your classroom. Learn how King Tut lived from before he became a pharaoh until his death. You can also explore his tomb. courtesy of netTrekker

America's Stone Age

America's Stone Age How fascinating to look back to the Americans of the Stone Age. Who were these people? Where did they come from, and when did they arrive? Here's an easy-to-understand, interactive look at these first Americans. NOVA, PBS • Audio • Pictures

Ages of English Timeline

Ages of English Timeline This interactive timeline breaks the history of the English language into ten periods. For each period, you can learn some history, hear a segment of the language spoken as it would have sounded at the time, learn how the language was changing at the time, see some words

Walk Through Time

Name: Walk Through Time Brief Description of the Site: Created by the famed British Broadcasting System, it bills itself as “A History Web Site for 7 to 9 Year Olds.” And a delightful one it is, indeed. This is definitely NOT a product of stuffy old Victorian England but rather of a hip and youthful U.K. The