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Practical User-Friendly Resources for Busy Teachers

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The beginning of the 2012-2013 school year is nigh. Here are ten categories of tips from experienced teachers that will help start the new year off on the right foot. From Assessment to Classroom Management to Parent Communications, perhaps you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom that will ring true for you. One of the great ideas is called “Beat the Ice.” Challenge your students to see how much work they can finished by the time an ice cube in your hand melts. Sounds like fun.

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Scholastic's Teacher Resources

Name: Scholastic's Teacher Resources Brief Description of the Site: Remember how it felt to be a 4-year-old in a penny-candy store? That's how teachers might feel as they try to grasp the riches found on this site's homepage. At the time of this writing the main attractions were student activities and teacher

NEWSHOUR Extra: Teacher Resources

Name: NEWSHOUR Extra: Teacher Resources Brief Description of the Site: Just as the PBS-sponsored NEWSHOUR is an exemplary piece of television journalism, this site, keyed to stories done by that program, is an excellent teacher resource. Look first at the frame on the left side to find the links to a cache of

First Grade Friends

Name: First Grade Friends Brief Description of the Site: Although she retired from Edwardsburg, Michigan at the end of this last school year, Jill Perkins’ will update her Web site for first-grade students through the 2004-05 school year. The site is a great example of how teachers can use the Internet to

Friends School of Atlanta

Name: Friends School of Atlanta Brief Description of the Site: This private school in Decatur, Georgia, offers multi-aged programs for 120 children from four years of age through middle school. Updated weekly throughout the school year, the site provides information to parents ranging from events and policies to

Mr. Lincoln and Friends

Mr. Lincoln and Friends From The Lincoln Institute comes another very detailed Website intended to reveal the human side of the stern-visaged Mr. Lincoln. This site showcases the various people surrounding President Lincoln, from Generals to politicians to reporters and to the females he