T&L blogger Shelly Terrell recommends the following ideas to try in your classrooms.
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T&L blogger Shelly Terrell recommends the following ideas to try in your classrooms:

Game Creation: Try Hopscotch (at right), TinyTap (iOS/Android), Scratch MIT, Zondle, GetKahoot, Stencyl, SketchNation, GameSalad, Purpose Games, ClassTools, Game Maker Studio, Sploder, Gamestar Mechanic, X-Note, What2Learn, Kodu, GamePress, Adventure Games, and Textbased Adventures.

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Comics: My favorite comic creators are Makebeliefs, ToonDoon, Friendstrip, Comics Head, and Pixton (Web/iOS/Android).

Infographics: Students can create infographics using Piktochart, Infogram, Adioma, Visme, Smores, Canva, or For resources and ideas check out

Coding: For resources and ideas follow these hashtags: #coding, #kidscancode, #code, and #hourofcode.

Social Bookmarking: Get students to bookmark their research with free tools and apps like Diigo, Pearltrees, Storify, Pinterest, Livebinders, and Educlipper.

Global Projects: Skype or do a YouTube live event with classes worldwide. To connect with other classes try Skype Education, Epals, or Quadblogging.



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Time to try tablets

Although those of us with declining eyesight might be holding out for larger-than-life-sized monitors, our students have embraced smaller-is-better as they pop their devices into their back pockets and backpacks.

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