Rethinking Math Instruction with Blended Rotation Models

Rethinking Math Instruction with Blended Rotation Models

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If your mental image of math class includes students silently copying equations from a whiteboard, it’s time to rethink what math instruction can look like with blended learning. In this webinar, we’ll examine how various blended rotation models, including station rotation, flipped, and individual rotation, are improving teaching and learning in mathematics classrooms in the state of Rhode Island. In addition, we will consider best practices for supporting both technophobes and technophiles at various stages of blended learning implementation.

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Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director, Tech & Learning

Laura Jackson
Educational Strategies Specialist, Highlander Institute.
In her role as Educational Strategies Specialist at the Highlander Institute, Laura assists with program design, communications, and district outreach for the Fuse RI project. In addition, Laura designs and delivers professional learning and coaching services to elementary and secondary educators on a variety of topics including blended learning and formative assessment. Prior to joining the Institute, Laura served as a RTTT Assessment Specialist at the Rhode Island Department of Education and taught 5th and 8th grade English Language Arts in Boston. She now lives in Stonington, CT.